Or: Lots of random stuff.

1) It’s way too late to be putting caffeine in me. But I gave in to the craving and made a pot of coffee. Mmm, Starbucks 3 Region blend + half and half is kind of good this late at night. I’ll worry about the sleep deprivation in the morning, I guess.

2) Speaking of… I think I’m having a bout with insomnia or something like it. Maybe entry-level insomnia? The kind where you drag and yawn all day and still stay up way too late, then sleep for like 10 hours on Saturday night/morning to make up for it. Ugh! Maybe I should take Sarah’s Sleep Challenge. Oh, but when would I write? So it goes…

3) Regarding Friday’s thoughts on hurried, scheduled lives… Anne Jackson blogged some thoughts on a similar note last Thursday. Yes and amen. I think I’m adding this book to my reading list too. Fight the Cult of Speed!

4) Schedules, sleep, slowing down… I’m sensing a theme here. Hmm.

5) In the “Aw, snap!” Department… I saw the newest trailer for Twilight: Eclipse today. And it looks kind of awesome.

After suffering through reading New Moon, I vowed to never have anything to do with Twilight again. I was just too angry at the bad writing and at the annoying characters and the TwiMoms. But… werewolf action! Will I cave to the phenomenon again? We shall see.

And so, the Random Sunday Night Dispatches conclude. :) Have a happy week.