My sister describes waking up on Monday morning like this: “So I rolled over and opened my eyes and saw the sun was shining. And I thought… ‘crap.'”

Yeah, that pretty much sums it up. Except Monday was okay. Tuesday… well, then I can relate. (Actually, my first thought today was more like “what sun?” because I woke to “Here Comes the Sun” on my clock radio and the day was overcast and dreary… but I digress.)

There are those mornings where I have to have a nice long conversation with myself to get out of bed. (Actually both amusing and disturbing come to think of it.) Today after my morning pep talk and routine, I got in the car to start the morning drive. There’s still just a little chill in the morning air in April, a veil of fog and clouded windows that I normally love. But today… today it just felt oppressive, gloomy like the overcast sky. A prevailing sense of restlessness that’s hard to describe until you’ve felt it.

But don’t worry… this isn’t an emo angst story after all. Because all through the day, I kept picking up on little things that made me grateful, or just happy. Things like…

  1. The gas station I pass in Plymouth with a flashing electronic sign that says “Gizzards! Livers! Clean Restrooms!” Which is kind of disgusting, but hey… gotta love the randomness of Middle-of-Nowhere Florida highways.
  2. Discovering new music by Sandra McCracken. Working on a review of her new album In Feast or Fallow, and these new old hymns do my soul good. It’s loveliness.
  3. Fresh coffee at work. It tastes so much better on the other side of Easter.
  4. The simple fact that I have work, and that it’s something I love that means more than a paycheck. So grateful.
  5. Seeing and giggling at the following nerdy bumper stickers on the way home:
    5a) Library Punk
    5b) Powered by Infinite Improbability Drive (same car as 5a. I want to be this girl’s friend.)
    5c) WARNING: Invisible Dragon in Back Seat

I could go on. I really could. Funny how focusing on these little things makes life so much more doable, more meaningful, even when it doesn’t look it at 6:30 in the morning. I feel better already.

What makes you happy and grateful when skies are gray and motivates you to stop hitting the snooze?