Halfway through the Poetry Month challenge, and let’s be honest… while I’m still mostly writing a poem a day (only missed a day or two, but I made up for them), the stuff I’ve come up with the past week or so is little unsharable scraps. Like, so rough and awkward I don’t want them exposed to the light of day. Funny how protective we can be over our words…

But I AM writing. And that’s the point, right? That’s my excuse, and I’m sticking to it. :P

In the interest of sharing some writings I actually spent time on… here are a couple of features I wrote for JFH that were posted in the past week or so.

Interview with Meredith Andrews: I talked to Meredith on March 2, release day for her new album As Long as it Takes. Here’s the transcript… on new music, God’s pursuit, and the virtues of Hamburger Helper. :)

Needtobreathe Won’t Turn Back Tour Review: I heart this band, and their show at House of Blues was fantastic. On the awesomeness that is a Needtobreathe show.

That’s the shameless self promotion for the week. No more plugging on my end. I’ve been neglecting the blog lately (other than poetry posts) so, dear whoever is reading this…. how’re you? :)