Today’s prompt is horror. Eek! I have an idea I’m poking at that may or may not involve zombies and olde English balladry. =) But for now, here are the results of the past two days.

Day 8: Tool


The newborn flame,
A circle of warmth,
Strains to throw its light
Somewhere, anywhere
Beyond cupped hands that
Gave it life with
A strike and a spark.

Just a bit of an idea. You would think writing a poem using a tool for the title would be easy, but not so much! I think I jotted down four or five, and though I hated them all initially, this one held up the best a couple days later.

Day 9: Self-portrait

By Any Other Name

My grandfather’s name was a flower
A thorny token of love.
It was passed to my father
To my mother
To my sister and me.

I’ve come to find it
To our condition
Romantic, beautiful,
But so very human.

Petals and thorns
Fragile and sharp
Strong as love itself.

I like being a Rose. :)