So I finally wrote my ekphrastic poem for yesterday’s prompt… we had two pictures to choose from. I went with Pocahontas by Annie Leibovitz. (And if you’re thinking, “Dude, that looks Disney-ish!” then… you’re right)

Day 6: Ekphrastic + Pocahontas

Historically Accurate

They never claimed you were historically accurate
Older with a long, lithe frame,
Talking tree mentor,
And raccoon sidekick.

And you never married John Smith anyway.
That whole romance probably never happened.
But it made for a good story
And a catchy soundtrack that 12-year-old me
Could sing along with over and over,
Dreaming of colors in the wind.

So forgive me if in my mind
The brave little princess became
A Disney princess
Or for feeling just a tiny bit
Of righteous anger
Seeing Jessica Biel
Pretend to be you.

Hey, I loved Pocahontas. My childhood is ruined. :)

(Have you seen these pictures by the way? They’re over a year old now, but I just now found out about them. Celebrities as Disney characters. Nice photography, but the concept freaks my inner old school Disney fan out just a little.)

Day 7: “Until _____” Been trying all day. I got nothing. Except this.

Until I Feel Inspired…

Don’t really feel like
Writing poetry today.
Here’s a video.

Lazy? Slacker? Yes. But a haiku (albeit a stupid one) is a poem too. I need a day off. :) And come on… if you have love for Dr. Horrible and NES games like I do, it will make you smile.

Resuming my regular real writing tomorrow. At least I’m caught up on the blog part of it now!