Haven’t been posting my poems… mostly because I catch myself scribbling my daily them right before bed. I promise, I haven’t missed a day. I just have to sit on them a day or two to decide if they’re utter crap. :)

So here’s a couple that turned out kind of okay. They still need revision, but at least they’re going somewhere. Early drafts to prove I’m writing, open for constructive (friendly) critique.

Day 4: History. I’ve tried over and over to capture the essence of the Easter Sunrise Service I attended at Sea World. This one is a work in progress for sure. Next draft, I’m shooting for more vivid detail, but here’s the general concept.

The sun melts the fog into
Faded orange and pale blues
On the horizon.
Something about poetry
And music
And hope
Brought us here.

A hallelujah
Screams above
Giving voice to the silent force of wonder
That tightens my throat so
I can only listen
No longer able to sing.

We are one in this history
Two souls woven
Into a story far too great
To see this close.

One’s shouts of joy
Is another’s silent tears.
Each from the same place

Day 5: TMI. What’s the ultimate TMI? Twitter of course!


In bursts I watch the world.
Tiny scraps of thought
Shot into fiberoptic threads
Transmission to the eyes
Of those who care to look.

Friends and acquaintances
And a stranger or two(hundred)
Tick through a timeline.
Refresh, compulsive
So I don’t miss a beat.
It’s a matter of convenience.
In tune, first to know
Of road trips and broken arms and earthquakes.

But is it too much to ask
For a cup of coffee
And a little more than 140 characters?

More daily prompts this month at Poetic Asides. Today’s challenge is to write an ekphrastic poem (which is, like, the coolest-sounding literary term ever). Basically, it’s a poem inspired by another piece of art, and he gives two pictures to write from.

Uhhh… neither really inspires me so far. Maybe I’ll just look to the posters on my wall instead…