I found out today that this Poem a Day Challenge I’m taking on is also called NaPoWriMo in some circles. Poet bloggers have been doing this a while, it seems.

Hey now. NaPo it is. Makes me feel better about skipping Script Frenzy. :)

I’m normally squeamish about sharing my poetry… it’s weird, but of all forms of creative writing, it feels the most raw and personal to me. But hey, perhaps sharing, even when they are a little rough, is worth something. Here’s what I wrote yesterday and today using the prompts provided at Poetic Asides. Interesting how the prompts really did lend themselves to the final days of Holy Week.


Day 1 Prompt: Lonely. Quite appropriate for Maundy Thursday. (Note: Blogger ate my formatting. Pretend lines 3 and 4 are indented.)


Even God Himself knows
When prayer feels more like
Weeping help mes into the night
Whispering thank yous into the night
When the wind in the leaves is the only reply
Wind that once bowed
To the same voice

Day 2 Prompt: Water. A haiku for Good Friday.


In Your final breath
Cracked sky, torn veil, blood and tears
A mourning world cleansed

Anyone else out there trying to write a poem a day for National Poetry Month?


Also, one of my new favorite blogs, Mama:Monk (not your average mom blog) has been posting artwork and some truly beautiful poems by Mary Karr for Holy Week. Go read them.

Today is Good Friday, and the dawn is coming. Looking forward to Easter more than ever this year.