On March 24th, I’m turning Div Sense over to sharing a bit about Picking Dandelions, Sarah Cunningham’s delightful new faith memoir. I’m happy and honored to be a part of a circle of awesome bloggers on this tour, and especially excited to introduce you to Sarah. I’m also trying out what is either a brilliant or goofy experiment… an interview with the author conducted entirely through Twitter.

(See, her book is about change and taking steps to change things in your life, and one of the things she mentions in the book is a tendency to talk too much. I’d like to think asking questions that require answers in 140 characters or less is helping our new friend further her goal. ;))

Right. Tangent. Anyway, this is how it works:

Today (March 17th), I’m opening the floor to ask Sarah questions through Twitter in public @replies. If you tweet, this makes sense to you. And if you tweet, you can join in the fun! Here’s how.

1) Post your question/comment as a reply to @SarahCunning.
2) Tag your tweet with #pdti (my code for “Picking Dandelions Twitter Interview.” I’m trying to keep it short so not to steal too many of your characters!)
3) You can use multiple tweets to ask a question… but don’t overdo it! This is an experiment, so let’s keep it simple as possible.
4) Search #pdti any time to see the interview thread and follow along!

I’ll compile the whole thing into a transcript and post it on March 24th along with a short review of Picking Dandelions.

Thanks for your help! If this experiment works and doesn’t burst into flames and come crashing and screaming to the ground, maybe we can try it again with other willing victims… er… awesome Twitter people. :)

And if you don’t have Twitter… never fear! Just leave any questions you want me to ask in the comments. But I strongly recommend you sign up anyway. It’s fun. And we can be Twitter friends and stuff. <3

Ready? Tweet away!

About Sarah: Sarah Raymond Cunningham is a high school teacher, part-time college prof, and chief servant to the nine month emperor Justus. She is a popular church and conference speaker, the author of Dear Church, and a contributor to several books, including unChristian. Sarah, her husband, Chuck, and their son live with their manic Jack Russell terrier in Jackson, Michigan. They attend a church plant called Rivertree. Find out more at www.sarahcunningham.org.