Anberlin’s Cities came out three years ago today. I remember getting my pre-ordered copy in the mail, taking it into a studio at work, playing it super-loud, and falling in love with the awesomeness of it all. (Note: Working in a place with soundproof rooms and professional grade speakers is nerdy fun.)

Three years later, it still doesn’t get old.

So, while we’re on the subject of music around here, please permit me a dorky fangirl moment to share my favorite tracks.

“They lied when they said that the good die young.”

“You’re so brilliant. Grace marked your heart.”

“From a lesser known, I’m here and there’s hope. There’s hope.”

“I am the patron saint of lost causes. A fraction of who I once believed.” (My favorite Anberlin song ever. I think I listened to it 12 times in one sitting when it first debuted on MySpace.)

“We’re not questioning God. Just those He chose to carry on His cross. We’re no better you’ll see. Just all of us the lost causes…” (Seriously. Does it get any more epic than this?)

Enjoy. And buy the album, dangit. (Or the anthology with the really stupid title, because all three of those discs are worth many repeated listens.)

Is it normal to celebrate the anniversary of something like this? Do you have an album you love enough to remember the day it came out? Lets share and have fan moments. :)

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