Apparently, Facebook has slapped a great big DISlike on my relationship status.

With Valentine’s Day come the online dating ads, urging me to harness the power of the Internets to help get me a happy little relationship status update for my stalker feed. And lo and behold, they were awesome. So awesome, I screencapped them to share their awesomeness on Twitter. In honor of Singles Awareness Day, here they are, archived forever for your amusement and mine.
Why yes, this man looks like a true pillar of spirituality! I’ll bet he’s prayed a whole lot more than once and would be an amazing patriarch/home school dad! Either that, or he’s a yoga instructor stock photo. Sadly, if it’s too good to be true, it probably is, and I’m not even convinced Christian Yoga Dude is real. Oh well. Next!

Now this is more like it. Apparently, will save me time and effort by weeding out the dumb people. I’ll bet there are even plenty of smart, lonely geeks here just waiting to discover a video game playing, Lord of the Rings loving soulmate. (come to think of it, that sounds about right for me.)

With sites like these, I have no excuse to be single, right? If only there were a combination of the two… call it Nerds for Jesus or something.

Happy Valentine’s Day! For reals. <3