There is only one problem with used/cheap bookstores: it’s harder to resist dollar books than 15+ dollar books. And sometimes, accidents of duplication happen.

Today I found a paperback of Blue Shoe by Anne Lamott at the library bookstore for a dollar, and I grabbed it because it was cheap and the cover is pretty and I adore Anne Lamott even though I’ve never read one of her novels. (Traveling Mercies and Bird by Bird, however, amaze me every time.) I had a niggling feeling that I already owned it though.

Sure enough, I found it in the bottom of a bag of used bookstore finds. In hardback even.


And I haven’t read it yet, which kind of explains why I don’t remember buying it.


So hey, anybody wanna read Blue Shoe by Anne Lamott? First person to speak up gets it.

Edit: I have a taker as of 1 am-ish. Proof that sometimes late night Facebook time pays! :)

No. Seriously. You can have it. I don’t know if it’s any good because, um, I haven’t read it yet. And the reviews are pretty split on Amazon, so that kind of scares me. But you can still have it. Just leave a comment with your Twitter or e-mail address and we’ll talk.

And then we can read it together. :)