A few little reasons to check out Sarah Cunningham’s blog:

1) She’s got book coming out soon called Picking Dandelions that looks to be good stuff.
2) She’s a real live person on Twitter and not a spam bot. (As I happily discovered when I saw her in my followers list between AltHistorian22 and MrMarkCool. And when I followed back and got a non-auto DM to say hello. omgrealpeople!)
2) She refers to her 8-month-old son as “the emperor,” and that’s pretty hilarious.
3) She’s doing book giveaways every day until her new book drops on Feb 1st.

And come on… what’s easier than entering a blog giveaway? Leave some comments, join a discussion, maybe make some friends. It’s fun!

Okay, so I’m also extra happy that I actually won a book the other day. (Free books = nerdjoy.) Thought I’d share the joy with you. :)