I’ve realized something. I really miss writing those stream-of-consciousness random blog posts about my ordinary boring life and nothing else important. Y’know, the stuff the “pro” bloggers say nobody cares about and you shouldn’t post.

Yep. That. That’s why I started blogging in the first place (Livejournal, circa 2002. I would share the link, but it’s embarrassing). Nobody really cared, but a few people did, and we had fun blogging and commenting and playing on the Interwebs, dangit.

All that to say, I have a few random observations from a day that basically consisted of a haircut, spending some gift cards, and staring at my notebook/computer screen in a writer’s block gridlock. In the Livejournal days, that would be worth a blog post such as this:

#1) Even a little haircut makes me feel infinitely awesome. If you need a hair person and are within reasonable driving distance of downtown Mt. Dora, FL, Pure Aveda is the bomb. (They did not pay me to say that… I just love ’em that much.)

#2) Trying on jeans does not make me feel awesome.

#3) Whoever invented and/or made skinny jeans popular needs to be punched in the face. Unless you have 0% body fat, you probably cannot or should not wear them. And yet, they’re everywhere. Go figure.

#4) I kind of feel bad for all the people I haven’t followed back on Twitter, but it’s so hard to figure out who’s real/a potential Twitter friend and who’s just trying to sell me crap. Just weeded through my first page of followers, and I think I found two people. Which is sad, because I like making new Twitter friends.

#5) Speaking of selling crap… there’s still a day or two to vote for me in the NYC Midnight Tweet Me a Story Contest! Check as many as you want, but don’t forget mine… um, please?

#6) It’s almost 1 am. I think I’m developing insomnia. Or just really wonky sleeping patterns.

#7) This is as mundane and pointless as blog posts get, but I liked writing it. It’s like Twitter randomness, only longer. :)