With a renewed burst of writing energy after the stress of NaNoWriMo and the new year growing bright and shiny on the horizon, it’s only fitting to jot down a few writing goals for 2010, right? In addition to the Reading Challenges I’ve already proposed, here are a few things in mind for the actual creation of stuff to read.

Goal 1) Take a little time to edit Music Lessons. Okay, a lot of time. My story is a broken mess, but I’m determined to edit and make something of it. My goal is to have a presentable new draft by the time November 2010 rolls around, something I can start passing around to guinea pigs beta readers. I want these characters to live and breathe and for their story to be told, and I want it to be something I can be proud of. (For the curious, I’ll keep blogging the progress at my Music Lessons blog)

Goal 2) Short stories! I stink at them. I want to… um… not stink. I want to learn how to crank those out too, instead of waiting for years for ideas to simmer to the surface, and figure out where I belong in the writing world.

Goal 3) 500 words a day. That’s where it starts. I found this challenge via Jessica Weiss’ blog, and I like the sound of it. It could be a blog, fiction, a music review, scribbling aimless stream-of-consciousness crap in a journal… whatever. But as long as I write 500 words, that’s all that matters. Hey, if I could do 2000 a day for November, surely I can do a quarter of that every day!

I won’t call these things “New Year Resolutions” because that pretty much means I’ll screw it up. :) But I guess that’s what they are. Sort of. I suppose it’s a lot, but hey, might as well start big!