You probably already knew this, but I’ll go ahead and admit it: I love Twitter. Love.

I’m not sure how I got hooked on it… I made an account to give it a shot and played with it a bit. I started having fun and connecting with friends. I met a lot of neat writer and music/radio people and learned the joy of throwing random 140-character-or-less* thoughts out into the Twittersphere. And I’ve learned a lot about brevity and clarity in writing… particularly as a person that tends to be really long-winded on the page.

So, I was pretty fascinated to discover Twitter-fiction, which is — you guessed it! — the attempt to tell a story in 140 characters or less. Let’s just say if flash is tough, this is hardcore. Just look at some of the examples on Nanoism, a webzine for twitfics.

But the reality is, that’s what Twitter users do… and I decided to give it a shot by entering NYC Midnight’s Tweet Me a Story contest. And much to my delight and surprise… I made it into the first round! :) Somehow, one of my little pieces made it into the top 25 for my group, and I’m pretty happy to see that. Here it is:

Bored, she decided to pretend to text someone. She told cyberspace in general: “Out dancing. Scratch that. Watching everyone else dance.”

Now, here’s the annoying plug part. This first round is audience judged, which means anyone can vote for the best to advance to the finals. (Only 5 from the group will make it.) So if you like it, would you mind visiting the site and voting for me? Finals are kind of a long shot, but wow, it would be fun to get that far. :)

Thanks in advance for the cyber high-five. Results of the judging and audience vote are posted on January 5th… still a couple weeks out.

In the meantime, I think I’ll try to compose some more of these, maybe submit to Nanoism eventually? It’s a great exercise for writers of all types… seriously, if you’re writing, you need to give Twitter a try in some capacity, whether for fiction, haiku, or microblogging your life.

Tweet tweet. :)

* Mostly not less. I milk those 140 characters for all their worth. Like I said… long-winded, yo.