This lovely badge to the left is the reason I haven’t blogged much this month. Or more accurately, the reason I did all my blogging there instead of here.

But regardless… a month away from Div Sense has done some good. Renewed perspectives, revitalized fiction writing, and a blog makeover later, I’m back from my hiatus!

Miss me?

Yeah. I thought so. :)


So yay, this is my second year winning NaNoWriMo! I’m still a little surprised that it felt so easy this time.

Okay, that’s a lie. It’s never easy to bang out a manuscript in 30 days. Especially in that second week when you hate your characters, hate your crappy draft so far, hate sitting down at the computer and listening to these annoying imaginary friends of yours whine about how much their lives suck when you’re trying to deal with your own REAL life, etc. And like a dummy this year, I used a NaNoWriMo calendar for my desktop background — a November 2009 calendar with word count goals on each day — so every time I started my computer I could see how many words I was supposed to have down. Nothing invokes despair like realizing November’s half over and you’re 10,000 words behind.

And then… you break 30K, and something magical happens. Things resolve, your characters finally get off their lazy butts and start doing stuff, the climax is in sight, and your story keeps you up at night.

That’s the beauty of NaNoWriMo.

That’s why I torture myself every year.

As the dust settles and I begin to wrestle with my new, ugly, broken, wonderful novel draft, here’s to getting back on a regular blogging schedule.

Wait… I never had a regular blogging schedule. Oh well. Here’s to pretending I’m back on a regular blogging schedule.


While we’re talking NaNo… let me share my favorite success story ever. My sister, second year participant, was a first time winner this year! She wrote 10,000 words in one day. ONE frickin DAY! Sometimes, her keyboard pounding kept me awake at night and made me feel like a loser slacker.

I am still in awe. It’s an early Christmas miracle! So congrats to Sherri. She has truly earned the Winner badge… I’m a proud big sis! :)