First things first… it’s time to pick the winner for the North! Or be Eaten giveaway! Thanks to everyone who read my little review and dropped a comment.

My sis Sherri from Aurora Atmosphere and have selected a winner… and it is…

Comment #3 — Elaine! Congratulations! E-mail me: jenwritesstuff (at) gmail (dot) com :)

Thank you so much to everyone who participated in my little experiment… there will be other giveaways in the future. And speaking of winners…


So, Carol at The Writing Place gave me an award for my goofy little post with the A-Team van. Aww, thanks Carol! :) It’s the Kreativ Blogger Award which… I guess it means I’m creative with a K? Awesome.

Ah, but these things have rules. (I think that’s a quote from Stardust. I think.) It is my award-winning bloggerly duty to pass the KBA on to 7 writing bloggers, and then list 7 favorite fiction authors. Spreading the love, yo.

So here we go! It’s hard to narrow it down, but these are 7 blogs I really, really like that haven’t been christened with this award yet. I think you might like them too.

In no particular order…

* The Coffee-Stained Writer – I know I’ve mentioned her multiple times here, but I’ll say it again: I heart NP’s blog. Thoughts on writing, and also a super-helpful and encouraging blog to help survive NaNoWriMo season.

* If You Give a Girl a Pen… – One of my new favorite writing blogs! A collaborative effort by “The Girls with Pens” with lots of great posts on writing. Not just for girls either… so writer guys, don’t let the title keep you away! ;) Prompts, contests, advice, and a neat series called “Good to Know You” to help find the quirks in your characters.

* The Writer’s Side of the Looking Glass – Wife, home school mom, and short fiction writer specializing in the dark. Blogs personal updates on writing, and has a great little prompt series called “Fire Your Muse.”

* One Minute Writer – A new prompt every day… and sixty seconds to write on it. Great little kick start to get the juices flowing!

* Megan Rebekah Blogs… and Writes – Aspiring YA writer’s blog with personal thoughts on the writing life and helpful advice. A fine writer, and lots of great info too!

* Aurora Atmosphere – Not a writing blog, but my sister gets kudos for updating her sketch blog better than I update this one. Homework and life allowing, she posts new sketches three times a week.

* I’m still a blogger… – Also not a writing blog, but Karin does these quippy, short posts that always make me laugh. She’s pretty random and awesome like that.

Visit them all and show them some love. They’re pretty great. :)


And now, the 7 writers. Oooh, this is tough. 7 of my favorites, still writing, mostly fiction, in no particular order…

* Anne Lamott – whywhywhy does she not have a website? Because she’s a rock star and doesn’t need one perhaps? Essayist, novelist, and all-around amazing writer. If I could write at least 24% as well as her, I would be content.

* Donald Miller – One day, I picked up Blue Like Jazz in Borders and sat down with the intention of reading a chapter or two to see if I’d like it. Before I knew it, I was halfway done and on my way to buy it. That’s good stuff.

* Ray Bradbury – One of my favorite writers of incredibly imaginative sci-fi.

* Ursula K. LeGuin – Fantasy writer with a great, literary style.

* Neil Gaiman – Fantasy stories that are fun to read, with darkly humorous twist. Bonus nerdycool points for his work in comics.

* Andrew Peterson – Hey, after two Wingfeather books, I am totally a fan. :)

* J.K. Rowling – I hope there is life after Harry Potter. I really do. Also: she has a really cool website.