It’s National Punctuation Day! Seriously. I know you’re as excited as I am.

I’m all for nerd holidays… I celebrated Square Root Day and Pi Day and stuff. But really , why should math people have all the fun? :)

I can’t think of a better reason to share a couple of my Favorite Punctuation Marks Nobody’s Heard Of. If I could find them on my keyboard, I would totally use them.

The Interrobang. Sometimes just a question mark won’t do. So you could go with the ?! combo. But an interrobang is so much more efficient. Just stack a ? and a ! and boom — rhetorical/surprised question. This little guy never really took off, but perhaps it could have a Twitter renaissance? I mean, it would save a whole character in a tweet that’s running long.

؟ The Irony Mark. AKA the “snark” or “zing,” this backwards question mark indicates irony, sarcasm, or some other level of meaning. Genius! Think of all the misunderstood e-mail trouble that could have been resolved with a simple punctuation mark! Also, this would be a great replacement for “lol j/k” and would save a whopping 7 characters on Twitter! Everyone wins!

Anyone have a favorite punctuation mark, standard or not? Please share, and help me believe I’m not the only one this nerdy. :)

Or maybe you’re not fully convinced of the awesomeness of punctuation yet. That’s okay. Just know that punctuation can be funny too.


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