Confession: Ever since Don Miller announced the hidden manuscripts game for his next book A Million Miles in a Thousand Years, I’ve been… well… a little obsessed. Not too obsessed, in an “omg can’t sleep must check Twitter now!” way. Not really.

But I love his writing, I am excited for Million Miles and the Orlando tour stop, and seriously, who doesn’t love a little weekday adventure?

Late last night, I saw the Twitter update I’ve been waiting for:

@donmilleris – Tomorrow, someone will find manuscripts in TX & FL! #don_miller

Florida! Finally! I mean, he’s coming to Orlando, so it’s only fair to generate a little hype here, right?

When I arrived at work today,
one of the first things Sheila said to me was, “It’s in Florida today?!” We’ve been following this for weeks… she’s reading Blue Like Jazz and is a new fan, and she’s random and awesome enough for scavenger hunt fun. Besides, this sort of craziness is always more fun with a friend. So, we were partners in a singular mission: get the dang manuscript.

The plan goes like this: I was to watch for the announcement that says, “Go here!” and monitor all Twitter dispatches. She had the GPS and the shorter workday to go for the goods. An excellent plan… assuming the manuscript was actually in our corner of the Sunshine State.

The day wore on. We waited. I compulsively refreshed Twitter. Finally, around 4pm, Sheila walks into my office and announces it’s time to go home. “I give up. Call me if they announce anything.”

Then a new post shows up on my #don_miller search. Wait! What’s this?

@donmilleris – 2days 2nd manuscript: Use this photo hint in Orlando, FL #don_miller

Me: OMG it’s at Relevant!
Sheila: I’m on my way!

The plan was in motion. I watched the computer at the office. She did the driving (I like to picture Sheila’s Mom Van careening down I-4 A-Team style, but I know she’s a much safer driver than that. Still, it’s a nice mental image.) It kind of felt like being in a action movie.

I love it when a plan comes together!

Um… this one didn’t.

@cameronstrang – FYI, four people showed up in the first 5 minutes to get the @donmilleris manuscript hidden at our office. It’s gone now — stop coming. :)

Sheila called to let me know it was over. Somebody else claimed it already, and all that remained was a stack of “Thanks for playing! You’re still a winner!” cards. Bummer. But we do each get a free download of the Blue Like Jazz audiobook just for playing the game, which is still pretty sweet. And we have a fun story to tell.

So maybe the plan came together after all. Not a bad random adventure before a 3 Day Weekend!

I know what you’re thinking: “Jen, you people are nuts! Do you actually work?” Yes, of course we work. Mostly. And yes, we are nuts. Even one of our own said today that visitors must think we’re an insane asylum pretending to be a radio station.

That’s probably not too far from the truth.