Behold! My secret project unveiled! Presenting my YA fiction debut!

It’s, like, totally the next Twilight. And Leah O. Dodd? Oh, that’s me. I needed a pen name so I won’t have people stalking me on Facebook when I become totally famous.

Um, yeah. Couldn’t resist. :) Found via Pop Candy… it’s a little game called Create Your Debut YA Cover. (Check out the gallery. Some of them are pretty good!)

The rules, if you want to make your own instant bestseller:

1 – Go to “Fake Name Generator” or click

The name that appears is your author name.

2 – Go to “Random Word Generator” or click

The word listed under “Random Verb” is your title.

3 – Go to “FlickrCC” or click

Type your title into the search box. The first photo that contains a person is your cover.

4 – Use Photoshop, Picnik, or similar to put it all together. Be sure to crop and/or zoom in.

5 – Post it to your site along with this text.

I actually kind of like my cover. Maybe I’ll write this fake YA novel.

But not with a name like Leah O. Dodd. What teen girl would read a book by someone with a name like that? :P