I just got an e-mail from LiveNation, a survey with the subject line “Thanks for Attending Coldplay at Ford Amphitheatre!”

So I took the survey as follows:

LN Question #1: Did you attend Coldplay at Ford Amphitheatre?
Me: No (dork), the show was canceled or postponed (and this was going to be the highlight of my summer and I have spent the last few days getting over it and I heard their last Tampa show was postponed, so what if they’re allergic to Florida and never come back and now my car is acting funny and omg this is the worst vacation ever *emoemoemo*!)*
LN: We’re sorry your show was postponed. We’re now exiting the survey. *window closes super fast*

Yeah. In case you didn’t hear, the day before the Tampa show (last stop on the U.S. tour), the event was postponed for medical reasons. (Initial Reaction: Medical? Eek!!!) Really, it’s stupid to get too distressed because… well, everyone does get sick. Even rock stars. Buzz on Facebook and forums ranged from “How could they do this! Coldplay hates Tampa! My weekend is ruined!!!! @#&^!!!” to “Stop being such insensitive @#&^*@s! People get sick!!!” It’s all too easy to swing between both camps.

Anyway. Yeah, I was looking forward to endless paper butterflies, the giant bell, and thousands of people singing along to “Fix You” and “Viva la Vida,” but…. people get sick. Even rock stars. Even members of one of the “biggest bands on earth.” Who knew?

So we went to console ourselves with a little lindy hop. That’s when the a/c went out in my car, but that’s another story entirely.

I wish there was a profound point to writing this out, some important life lesson. But sometimes, life kind of sucks and things don’t go according to plan. You know it’s not that important in the grand scheme of the universe, that it could’ve been worse and you should shut up, be grateful for the good, and make the best of it.

I wish that were the point I was trying to make. But I’m human and get frustrated over stupid things too. We all do. Pretending to be anything else would make me a liar.

As I stressed about my car problems today, Sherri said I should blog about it, and it would make me feel better. And sometimes, that’s what blogging is for… self-serving feel-betterness. In the writing, I see how silly these things are, how tiny and pathetic. I look at the reflection in the words, pointing back and laughing at me, and I laugh too.

I feel better already. Oh, crazy writers. :)

In the meantime, there’s always the free download of LeftRightLeftRightLeft to tide us over, the mind-blowing “Strawberry Swing” video (have you seen this thing? Amazing. Even if you don’t like Coldplay, watch it for the amazing sidewalk chalk animation), and the consolation that they will re-schedule the show, and maybe, just maybe, it’ll be, like, beautiful Florida winter, instead of stifling Florida August. That would be pretty sweet.

Get well soon, Coldplay guys. We’ll practice our “Viva la Vida” singalong and have an awesome time when you come back.

*Due to the multiple choice nature of the survey, all italicized parenthetical comments exist solely in my head. Well, and here.