The following conversation took place about an hour ago:

Sherri: This needs something. I can’t stand an empty speech bubble.
Me: Yeah. Something random and funny.
Sherri: Like…
Me: “Bella, that shirt makes you look totally fat lol!”
Sherri: How about “I see you’re drinking 1%.”
Me: YES!!!

Presenting: Napoleon Edward.

(click for big!)

Who knows? We may have created the new lolCat. It can be lolEdwards. lol.

Here’s hoping the fangirls won’t track us down and burn us at the stake.


By the way, this is a good time to plug my sister’s sketch blog, Aurora Atmosphere. She wanted to do a Twilight manga, but these people beat her to it. Maybe this is her revenge. :)

Nah. She’s cool. Please visit her blog and check out her sketches. When she’s a famous artist someday, you can say, “I knew her when she vandalized Twilight manga previews!”