I may or may not have mentioned it before, but I have one of the best jobs ever. Like, even if I could make a living as a “real writer” and quit my day job, I wouldn’t want to. And now, Z88.3 is in the running for a really cool contest, and you can help push us a little bit closer to winning!

Our friends at MindComet and CommuniCause are giving away a $25,000 social media makeover to one organization this year, and we’ve been nominated! Voting closes Friday (July 31st), and we’re in 13th place already… but we have to be in the top ten for a shot at the grand prize. And that’s where you can help us.

There are many, many worthy organizations up for this prize, so maybe you’re wondering why you should vote for a radio station. I mean, come on… music is a luxury, not a need, right? Well… sort of. But as someone who’s been behind-the-scenes for many years, I can say that there is a lot more than music going on at Z88.3, from serving the community with free events to round-the-clock severe weather coverage for Central Florida. And if you could just see some of the letters that come in… there’s something very real and honest and hopeful there, and it meets people when they need it most.

So yeah. This wasn’t supposed to be overly gushing or promotional or whatever, but you get the point. I am very proud and honored to be a small part of the Z team, and I know that I’m way too blessed to be where I am. That’s why I would really appreciate a vote on our behalf. Wouldn’t it be cool to have a chance at this?

So… here’s what you can do. Click the banner below, and follow the instructions there:

Or, if you’re the Twittering type, you can tweet this message and encourage your followers to do the same! (Each tweet is worth one extra vote)

RT to help Z88.3 FM win a 25K social media makeover http://ow.ly/4pcs @CommuniCause #cause1307

Thanks a bunch! It’ll be a really exciting week around the Z studios as we wait to see what happens with this! Win or lose, making it into the top 10 among so many other awesome organizations around the country would be an amazing honor to us all.

I’ll leave the banner up in the sidebar for the rest of the week. Thanks for helping us out! :)