I am very excited for August. I’ve been saying so for a while, but there is so much good music coming out next month, I can’t stand it. (Well, that and I’m going to see Coldplay in Tampa on the 9th. Viva la Vida Tour… whoop!)

But anyway. I thought I’d make a huge blog list of the new music I’m geeking out about, but that would take a while, and I can’t hit you with so much awesomeness at once. No, it needs to come in small doses, so every release gets it’s due.

So…. this is the first of four or five music-fangirl-geek posts to get it out of my system. Maybe you’ll be excited about some of this music too. :)

#1) Imogen HeapEllipse
It’s been… what, three years since Speak for Yourself came out? And based on following the making-of on Twitter and this first song, Ellipse will be seriously worth the wait. Check out “First Train Home” below.

Sweetness. I have tons of respect for her as an artist and can’t wait to hear more of what she’s been working on the past few years.

Ellipse releases on August 24th in the UK and August 25th in the US.


Now for the shameless writer plug. I have a new review and a short blog post up on JFH. The review is Glory Revealed II, and the blog is a We Recommend bit on Bebo Norman’s Ten Thousand Days. Kind of fun to write about classics for a change. Think I’m getting the hang of this editors and deadlines stuff too… :)

So ummm… yeah. Always fun to write stuff elsewhere. Check it out, if you feel so inclined.