Wow. So um… today I decided for the heck of it, I’d check and see how my little piece is faring in the Flash Fiction 40 contest, since it closes tomorrow and such.

I’m in the top 50. Well, okay… #50 to be exact. Which isn’t exactly winning, but my little fic placing 50 out of 280 is kind of a sobering, humbling thought.
So I am kind of excited. If you haven’t dropped by to check it out yet, there’s still a day left to nudge me one way or the other. :) Check out my last post for more on that.
(UPDATE! Just checked again *coughnotobsessedcough*… and I’ve moved up to #36? What?! *freakout*)
I would post a screenshot to prove it, but I haven’t learned how to do that on a Mac yet. Yep! This is my first blog post as an ex-PC. I finally decided to indulge my quarter-life crisis and buy that MacBook I’ve been pining for about a year. She’s quite lovely… just need to put the little Apple sticker on the car and make it official. <3
Of course, this joy came after the initial heart attack of pushing the confirm order and watching my bank account dip. Happy Birthday to me.
On reading: I feel like I should blurb a bit about what I’m reading now and then… because writers read and like to talk about what they read and such. So what am I reading?
Um… New Moon. Yes, that one. I finally caved to the phenom.
I’m still not sure how I feel about the whole Twilight series. Like, I kind of enjoyed the first book. Perhaps being stuck in bed for a week with some evil virus and under the influence of cold medication affected it, but for all the sappy teen angst, I kind of liked it. Just skim over the flowery love speeches. Oh, and ignore the fact that Edward even one-ups Mary Poppins for being “practically perfect in every way.” (I just about threw it across the room when he started playing piano. “Noooo! You cannot be smart, athletic, devastatingly handsome, chivalrous, and Mozart!”)
But this? Let’s just say Bella’s “zomg raw edges hole in my heart oh Edward emoemo wahhh!” monologues are getting really old. Really. I have never wanted to punch a fictional character in the face so bad.
And I don’t know why I’m blogging about this, other than (1) to sort out my bizarre love/hate relationship with this series in cyberspace,  and (2) because my sister is sick of hearing me rant about it. :D
Next on the list: High Fidelity by Nick Hornby. Because… I have no idea. It’s about an English dude that owns a record store.
Yay libraries, for expanding my literary world for free!