So… I entered a writing contest.


Thanks to the wonderful network of writerly folk I’ve been immersing myself in on Twitter, I found the Editor Unleashed blog by Maria Schneider. And what d’ya know, they’re hosting a flash fiction contest!

I could give all the details and stuff, but really, you can find that here. The short version is this: Flash Fiction 40 is a flash fiction (1000 words or less) contest, I wrote a little drabble for it, and I’m kind of hoping that maybe you’d go read it over and give me a rating. :) 40 selected winners will be published in The Editor Unleashed/Smashwords Flash Fiction 40 Anthology… and that’s kind of a big deal.

Then again, the chance to get my work out there and read by a bunch of people (eek!) is kind of a bigger deal. But being published would be pretty sweet too.

The catch is you have to be a member of the Editor Unleashed forum to vote. Registration if free, so if you’re down with that, here’s how it works:

1) Register with Editor Unleashed forums
2) Go here (my thread) and read the story
3) Click the rating arrow, choose 1 – 5 stars (honestly. Hey, I know it’s not a 5 star piece. And votes are anonymous, so no worries if you think the story sucks and I know where you live. ;))
4) Consider yourself Jen-hugged-and-high-fived for helping. Yay! <3

The popular vote/member rating period ends on June 26th. After the contest is done, I’ll toss it up here on the blog for posterity, since it’s floating around on the Interwebs anyway.

Thanks in advance to anybody that helps me out by voting!