This week I’ve been reading a new book called The Unlikely Disciple, trying to finish it in time to get a review up on this site by release date. (Thanks to the author and Hachette Book Group are in order for giving this n00b a chance to read and review it. :)) So far, I’m hooked! I don’t want to go too book review-ish just yet, but for now here’s the book trailer* to introduce you to Mr. Kevin Roose:

The Unlikely Disciple is in stores March 26th, but can be ordered online now. For an excerpt and more info, check out and if you do the Twitter thing go follow him while you’re at it.

*For the record, I’ve never seen a book trailer before this. Awesomeness. Someday when I grow up and write a real book, I want a trailer. With a dramatic voiceover. Oh yeah.