I suppose I took another unexpected hiatus from blogging, didn’t I? Well, time away isn’t such a bad thing. I have been writing… just not here. But I hope for that to change, and for a real post to show up soon.

For now, I spent a ridiculous amount of time tonight giving good ol’ Div Sense a makeover. I figured it was time for a change, and thanks to bloggertricks.com, I got a shiny new layout. (About time, since it’s looked pretty much the same for the past nearly-two years.) Feedback is welcome… I’m having trouble adjusting to the new look, but hey. It’s like filling up an old journal and getting a new one.

And to the 8 people subscribed to my RSS feed… if random About and Contact posts showed up in your reader, please ignore. It’s all a part of the new makeover. (You can click the nifty tabs in the NavBar whenever you want to find them though. Snazzy! :))

So, there you go. I want to tell you about the wonderful Heavy and Light concert last weekend at House of Blues, share my misadventures returning to school after only two years away (Creative Writing I = woot!), and finally answer a random facts challenge/meme thing that was issued to me on Twitter about a month ago… but they deserve their own posts, right? Of course.

Thanks for enduring this little PSA. :) We now return to your (ir)regularly scheduled blog.