Christmas is a season for challenges and growth, a season which takes you to places far beyond your comfort zone into lands previously unknown. And today, in an effort to help a friend, I navigated a foreign territory that I have had yet to experience…

The men’s cologne counter at Belk. Oh yeah.

Fortunately, my mission was a success… I knew exactly what I had gone for. I circled the shiny glass counter stuffed with tiny bottles of mysterious expensive substances with names like “Eternity” and “Obsession,” (making fun of said names the whole time) found what I was looking for, scanned the prices, and called my friend. Meanwhile:

Sales lady: May I help you with a fragrance?
Me: Um, no… I think I found it!

After confirming that, yes, this was the holy grail of man smells I was seeking, I declared proudly that yes, I would purchase the gift set with the cologne and shower gel and deodorant (deodorant? seriously?). And then came the curve ball:

Sales lady: You get a free gift with this purchase! Do you want a backpack, or a shirt?
Me: *deer in headlights stare* Uhhhhh…. *whips out cell phone*

Overall, the mission was a success, and I deliver the fragrant package to its rightful owner tomorrow. I’m rather proud that I managed to find it without help, having no experience in shopping for this sort of thing. I didn’t even think to smell the sample and see what the allure of this amazing mystery stuff is.

(I also thought about Karin and her “man smells” blog pretty much the whole time. *shoutout*)

And so, that was my day. Well, that and getting my oil changed.

Time off is fun. This post… probably not so much. :)