Yay! <3

Ending tonight at 55,544… for now. The tale is not completely told; still got a little bit of wrap-up to write and to clean up the fictional mess I made, but dang, it feels good! :)

I’m bewildered, and I feel like my fingers are going to fall off. But this is such an amazing high, I don’t think I’ll get much sleep tonight. If I’m a zombie at work tomorrow, I’ll know why.

I have to give a big NaNoSurvivor virtual hug to Dr. Wicked for creating Write or Die (a godsend in the final weeks!), The Coffee-Stained Writer (for the pep talks), the NaNOrlando community (even though I had to miss the meetings, your members’ Twitter updates sustained me), and of course, the wonderful friends and family in the non-writing world who encouraged me, asked about my wordcount, and showed interest and support along the way (even though I refused to tell any of them what my novel was about). It really kept me going and is appreciated more than you know.

And now… I guess I’ll finish writing the loose ends, let it be for a while before I tackle editing, and declare December NaNoReadMo. Seriously, I got a stack of books I’ve been wanting to read all month, and it will be glorious to see some words by somebody else for a change. I am suffering from literary deprivation. (Ack!)

Okay. Sleep. Now.