Last night, I was feeling a bit down-ish. Also, I was struck by a sudden strong urge to bake cupcakes. (The two are unrelated.)

So, I went to the grocery store, bought a cake mix, and spent the evening scooping, baking, frosting, and decorating chocolate cupcakes with little autumn leaf-shaped sprinkles. Satisfied with my creative work, but knowing that two dozen cupcakes in a house of four people was a very bad idea, I kept some for home and took the rest to work.

Reactions to sugary treats invading the workplace is usually pretty mixed. For the most part, it’s surprise, excitement, joy, and maybe a little “oh no, who let the evil in?!” But a few times, I was asked… “Why did you bring cupcakes?”

Um… I didn’t know there was supposed to be a reason to bake cupcakes. I guess nobody told me about this. But then again, this is the same person who walked around the office last Friday wearing a “Free Hugs!” nametag, so that shouldn’t be surprising.

Anyway, because I am neurotic and have to understand these things and like making random lists, I figure I should make a list of reasons to bake cupcakes.

  1. Because I felt like it. (Well, that’s not a great reason, even though it is the one I gave the most.)
  2. Making cupcakes is good therapy. Some people clean. Some people jog. Some people break stuff. I bake cupcakes. There’s something oddly therapeutic about mixing a few somewhat random ingredients, lining up the little paper cups, measuring the batter, and dressing these little confections with homemade icing and sprinkles. (and lots of love, dangit.)
  3. Cupcakes make people happy. Seriously. Have you ever seen anyone frown while eating a cupcake? I didn’t think so.
  4. Everybody secretly wants to be famous for something. If I can build a reputation on being “The Cupcake Girl,” that would be fine.

I don’t know if these are good reasons, but wow, I feel better! (This is possibly further proof that I am just a bit random and neurotic. :))

That’s all I got. Ever do something completely random, but when asked why all you can think of is, “I just felt like it?”