In light of NaNoWriMo season, I thought this blog was very timely and encouraging. I feel like I should write this quote out and tape it to the inside of my notebook…

“So if you make art, don’t be halfway about it. Don’t be trendy, don’t be afraid, don’t stop till it’s something you love. There will always be a market for things that were made passionately.” ~ Max Hsu

True. When you make art for the love of it, that’s where the real magic happens. I just need to tell my cranky inner perfectionist editor that… *sigh*

Now… about my current obsession. :) Wordcount as of now is 2,295. I haven’t been able to update it on the website yet, because it’s pretty much gridlocked (as usual for the first few days of November).

Also, I have no freakin’ clue what I’m doing.

At the last few hours to midnight, I decided to scrap all the prep work I’d done and shift back to an original idea… a couple characters I’d had in mind with no plot to speak of. (Brilliant, Jen.) Randomly switching seemed like a good idea while I was really tired… but really, there’s nothing rational at all about NaNo, so might as well go for the idea that begged the loudest to be written.

It’s going to be fun. Or incredibly stressful. Quite possibly both.

Now, time for… Random WriMo Tip of the Moment!
Everyone has a special writing method and a weapon of choice, analog (pen and paper) or digital (computer or word processor). I now find it way more effective to write my draft longhand in a notebook and type it up later. Sure, it takes a little more time, but it also has a double bonus… my word count gets a boost as I type, because the cranky inner perfectist editor* wants to add stuff. :)

Now a question for any fellow writers… what’s your method and “weapon”? Please share your sage advice. :)

*From now on… CIPE = Cranky Inner Perfectionist Editor for brevity’s sake. Or maybe I’ll just call her “Hermione.”