For a long time, I didn’t realize (nor care, honestly) that Blogger now has a nifty, Twitter-esque Follow feature. I use good ol’ RSS and Google Reader to keep up with the myriad of blogs I like, so I thought, “Hm, neat.” and didn’t think about it again.

That is, not until I logged on to write a new post one day and saw a friendly green icon that said “1 Follower.”

A follower? Like, a reader? Seriously? Dude. I feel special!

So I got excited, and eventually I took Blogger’s advice and added the nifty Followers widget to the sidebar. (on the right, below the lovely NaNoWriMo link… ah yes, it’s that time of year again! Prepare for the NaNo Angst Blogs…)

And now I’m taking their other advice and writing this post to tell you about it, so you can join in on the following fun, if you feel so inclined. Hey, you automatically get linked where I can find your blog, and you make me feel read and appreciated and stuff, which makes me want to write more. Everybody wins! Yay!

That’s it. No more shameless self-promotion. To everyone — subscriber, follower, random visitor, and everyone in between — thank you for coming and reading my ramblings. It’s very, very appreciated. <3

Next time, a real post. We now return to your (ir)regularly scheduled blog.