Earlier today, I noticed a copy of Lincoln Brewster’s new CD on our music director’s desk, picked up, and proceeded to say to my sister without thinking, “Hey, it’s the new Linkin Park!”

Um, what?

I then asked myself how the heck I could get those two confused, except for maybe that they share the same first name. (sort of) But see, I wasn’t too far off… not at all. What does a faux hawked worship leader have to do with an angry rock band?

Cover art. That’s what. Consider these:

#1) Lincoln’s new album, Today is the Day

#2) Linkin’s single What I’ve Done

Now, I’m not suggesting plagiarism or ripoff, and I’m not going to lament the lack of creativity in the CCM world. After all, that’s been done before, so what’s the fun in that? Similarity in art happens, I guess. But in this case, the resemblance was just too weird and funny not to share.

Besides, almost sharing a name seriously one-ups the Third Day/Radiohead drama any day. Bravo, Lincoln. (or Linkin. whatever.)