(nice title, huh? Doesn’t it sound all disaster movie-ish? I thought so. :D)

So, here it is, exactly one week after the epic event that is Night of Joy. To be honest, after two nights of waking up early (couldn’t help it) and staying out late (bedtime at 3 am, what?) and three delightful days at the most magical place on earth, well… last week is a blur. I’m pretty sure I went to work every day, and am wondering why I have random Veggietales songs stuck in my head. (oh, right… I built a Veggietales event radio spot this week. Mystery solved!)

But all in all, Night of Joy is totally fun and worth it and one of my favorite events. I mean, who doesn’t enjoy getting paid to go to Disney for a weekend, right? :) And now I think I have my mental faculties back well enough to share about it.

However… in an effort to not get too incredibly long-winded, I thought perhaps we will do this a little differently and hit the highlights awards show style. Presenting the first ever (drum roll please)… Dizzy Awards!

Y’know. Dizzy. Rhymes with Disney + How I Feel After the It’s Over. Harhar, I win at wordplay. *crickets* Oh, whatever. On with the show…

Best Food: Roasted veggie and feta frittata with garlic potatoes at Spoodles. Yum yum.

Best Part of New Park:
Having the YHot Dance Party at the Playhouse Disney stage. It was so amazing… the lighting, the air conditioning, the sound system, the air conditioning, the fog machine, Mickey’s sweet dance moves… (did I mention it was air conditioned?) I spent the bulk of my weekend in this building, and I was totally okay with it.

Disney Cast Member Awesomeness Award:
Goes to Katherine, my “handler,” or better known as my Disney friend. Katherine was awesome. As I faked Great DJ skills at the YHot Party, she was always there to keep me company, seek out water, and help me not get lost. That, and she was super sweet and fun to talk to. Katherine, you rock. Thanks for making me feel way cooler than I really am.

Favorite Disney Secret: The hidden bathroom at the Playhouse Disney/YHot Party stage, one of the many delightful things Katherine showed me. There’s even a couch on the way! It was wonderful. (I would tell you where it is, but that’s a Disney Secret and I must guard the magic.)

Best YHot Party Moment: When a huge circle gathered on Saturday and two guys commenced a dance-off. After multiple requests for a faster tune, I finally found something “crunk” enough and they just… went. (Meanwhile, DJ chick stands back in awe, realizing that she secretly “wants to roll with the gangstas but is just too white and nerdy.”)

Favorite Partygoer Question: “Well, don’t you have Limewire or something?” ~ a kid requesting a song I did not have.

Favorite Show: Um… I only saw one. But! It was RED and Red is superawesome. The only thing that could have made them even more superawesome would have been a live string section but THAT’S OKAY! They rocked it, and I’m glad I made time to catch their show.

Favorite Band Comment at Favorite Show: “This is really different from last year. This year you’re way out there, but last year you were, like, right here. *motions to indicate front of stage* I think I chipped a tooth ’cause one of you shoved the mic in my face.” ~ Michael Barnes, lead singer of Red (paraphrased a bit)

Favorite “Crap, I’m getting old” Moment: Realizing after 30 minutes on the front row with Red, my ears were feeling rather stuffy and my hearing would be shot for the rest of the evening.

Best Lame-Yet-Weirdly-Fun Ride: Star Tours. So much cheesy fun, we hopped right back on and rode it again. (Well, that and there was totally no line and it beats standing in the heat…)

Best Ride Overall:
Toy Story Mania. Worth every minute of the wait.

Jen’s Best Score at Toy Story Mania:
94,100. Booyah.

Best Score at Toy Story Mania… Period: 149,000+ for Wolfman. My family teamed up with his family and he pwnd us all. I will have my revenge someday.


So, there you have it… the big Night of Joy recap! (It got long-winded anyway. Oh well.) It was great and fun and tiring, and I learn something new every year. (Like, stay at the hotel and sleep on Saturday so you don’t get so tired and cranky by the end.) One day, I’ll be a pro at this… :)