Hello world.

I keep getting these little random flashes of bloggy inspiration, but never seem to sit down and work them out. (Okay, said random flashes of bloggy inspiration usually occur while I’m driving, working, or otherwise to preoccupied to sit down and actually write about them. That’s what Twitter’s for, I guess.)

So yeah, excuses aside, I figure I’ll instead give you a little stream-of-consciousness mix of various things, because I am tired but I want post something. Maybe some of these things will get their own real post someday.

1) I’m sick of the election. Seriously. Let’s get that statement out of the way. Part of me would really just like to sit back and watch the spectacle. Part of me wants and needs to care, knowing that informing myself and voting intelligently is my privilege and civic duty.

And then there’s the other part that wants to hibernate until November…

(Don’t worry. This is as political as it gets around here.)

2) Night of Joy. Packing a bag for a fun-filled weekend at the ever-magical Disney World. I’m kind of excited this year.. not so much about the lineup as I am working the YHot Dance Party stage.

Yes, it’s the one time of year I get to rock the mic and play DJ. It has it’s moments, sure, but I had a blast last year and am hoping for even better this time around. I understand that we’ve got a really big, nice venue this year (what with moving to the new park and all) and, get this… I’ve got a handler! That’s right, someone to personally escort me to where I need to be when I need to be there. I’ve never had a handler before, so this is kind of a big deal to me.

I feel so… important. Like a rock star. (I wonder if I can get an entourage next year.)

3) That said, I hope to take lots of pictures, and maybe even twitter a bit if anything exciting happens (finally learned how to update with my phone! So l337!)

4) Some articles in the new issue of Relevant seriously got me thinking. About what I give to the world. About serving. About how hypocritical I can be, talking about the things that we as Christians should do to change the world, yet really not doing a whole lot of anything myself. I’d love to do what I can to help, to create change… but I have no clue where to start. What do you give when you don’t have much? (and I’m not just talking about money either.)

That’s definitely a whole other story in itself though…

5) Back on a mad reading kick again. I’m re-reading Mere Christianity. I forgot how great and how deep this little book is… and every time I read C.S. Lewis, I remember why I got to love his stuff so much.


That’s more than enough nonsensical rambling for one night. (It’s midnight! Who knew?) Busy weekend ahead, so perhaps more postage after Night of Joy is in order. I’m sure there will be stories…