My new blogging friend and fellow swing dancer Karin wrote a couple of posts about the funny things guys say on the dance floor. So, in some fashion of admiring blog homage to her (or maybe outright theme theivery, depending how you look at it), I present one of my own from last night’s inaugural Thursday Night Swing:

Dancing guy: Try to have fun! You should be smiling when you’re swing dancing!
Me: Um… okay. *dorky attempted grin*

Ah yes… I’ve been dancing twice this week. Twice! This is a record for me, friends.

And in this week of danceriffic fun, I’ve realized that while I know some stuff in a theoretical, book smartish way, I… well… kind of suck at the real world of the dance floor. (I know, I know… practice makes perfect, blah blah.) I am not entirely sure I’m ready to start Intermediate Lindy Hop (aka Lindy 2) on Sunday, but oh well, I’m in.