You know how whenever you do something really physically demanding or maybe injure yourself, people usually cringe and say “you’re gonna feel that in the morning?” Well, I feel it now. But it’s the pain of victory, my friends… the pain of victory.

Last class of lindy hop today. We learned the quick stop. It’s basically a flashy finish move where the girl spins and twists around in place like this.

It’s awesome. I really got into this move. After the first try, I exclaimed to my partner, “I didn’t know I could get that low!”

And after quite a few more nice, twisty, low quick stops… I’m now remembering that my lower back doesn’t always cooperate so well. Or maybe it’s from tugging and working muscles that don’t normally get that much attention, but I’m good and sore. Hey, no pain, no gain, right?

Um… sure.

Oh, and my car door closed on my knee later while I was finally cleaning all the dust and junk off the dashboard. Don’t ask how it happened. Please. Because I have no idea.

But! I’m not complaining. Really. For you see, I have a sweet dance move and a clean car.

Is the pain worth it? Yes, yes it is…

I think. Ask me in the morning.


This also makes me realize that I’m surprised I haven’t blogged more about learning how to dance. I’m always complaining to myself that I don’t have enough good blog material, but a rhythmically challenged, slightly clumsy, quiet, wallflower girl learning the exuberant dances of days gone by is.. well… sort of an entertaining premise, don’t you think?

At any rate, I’ve been dancing (well, taking classes and learning theory, anyway. only been to one actual dance still) for 3 months now. And though I feel pretty dorky and clumsy and awkward sometimes, I’m glad I finally decided to suck it up and give it a try.

I’m sure there will be more episodes of Jen’s Misadventures on the Dance Floor coming soon here. For now… tomorrow is Monday, and I should be asleep. :P