So, it’s been a week, but I’m 25 now. That’s right, I’ve had a quarter century on planet Earth. How exciting. Sure it’s just a number, but there’s a sort of weight to it that I wasn’t expecting.

In my head, I’ve jokingly, lovingly, and maybe just a little bit begrudgingly dubbed it “halfway up the hill.” I guess I’m a little young to be thinking in hill metaphors — hill jokes usually don’t start until at least 40 — but alas, that’s the curse of being the moody, writerly type that thinks too much.

Regardless, here I am. It’s strange to realize that even when nothing seems to change from year to year, even when I’m not feeling any different… things do change. Not drastically. Just little by little. And one day I wake up and recognize that I’m not who I was anymore.

Not who I was… yet still not who I will be.

If I’ve learned anything in this brief journey so far, it’s that, quite honestly, I still have a long way to go. I still have so much to learn.

Why do I like the hill metaphor? Because the thing about hills and mountains and other (as Don Miller poetically put it) “green lumpy places” is that from wherever you’re standing, it’s easy to look back where you were. Look down, look out, look over… the view is breathtaking as you go higher. Look around, see where you are, see where you’ve been.

But you can’t really see where you’re going. No more than a few steps ahead at least. There’s nowhere to go but up. Nothing to do but climb. Further up and further in, until you see the other side…

(Some mostly intact ramblings that were written a week ago but never saw the light of day. In retrospect, it wasn’t so bad…)

On a completely different note… Coldplay’s Viva La Vida hasn’t left my CD player since I bought it this weekend.
It’s grand and epic and so ridiculously good.

Now I regret not buying tickets to the Orlando show. :(