I did it. I placed the order. Sometime next week, I will be the proud owner of this little beauty. I’ve been putting this off a long time (mostly agonizing between two cameras), but finally… Jen gets a cool package from the UPS guy.

Also picked up this and this, because shipping was free and I’m a book dork. Dark Sea looks pretty awesome because Andrew Peterson is cool, I like kids’ fantasy, and honestly… how can toothy cows be anything less than freakin’ rad? (Jeff will be so proud. :)) Orphaned Anythings*… eh, I’m skeptical, but curious and hopeful that he can write fiction as well as song lyrics. One can only hope… I’m just mentally preparing for pretentious, postmodern weirdness. Can’t be any odder than some of the stuff I read in college. *shrug*

So yeah. I am about 250 bucks poorer, but happy, darnit.

*I refuse to include the apostrophe in the title. My inner grammar dork won’t let me. :P