A few random Saturday morning thoughts…

1) Had a ridiculous sewing/refashioning bug lately. Just a crafting mood… currently attempting to turn a defective yet free T-shirt into a summery tank top (key word: attempting). If this works, it could be so made of awesome (if I may humbly say so :)).

2) I still can’t decide if I really need to set up a separate blog for that stuff, because I’m dying to post pictures of all these little projects.

3) Today is Drawing Day. My sister has been trying to get me to draw again, so this could be a good excuse. Go draw some stuff, even if you don’t think yourself an artist. It’s good for the soul.

4) Tomorrow is the last day of my Swing Series class. So sad. Or at least it would be, if I weren’t already registered to start Lindy Hop the following week. I confess, I must be hooked.

5) And on a related note, I think I dreamed last night that I forgot to go to said class tomorrow. What? No idea where that came from…

6) I want to get my hair cut so so badly. It’s like the weather gets hot and suddenly I think it’s too long and hate dealing with it every morning. Ugh. (Right, like you really wanted to know that…)