Because it’s been a while. A quick succession of stream-of-consciousness highlights in no particular order…

  • I’m on vacation this week. No matter when I take time off, it always feels a bit strange looking at the clock in the morning and thinking, “I should be on my way to work right now.” Kind of like playing hooky or something. Still, sleeping in on a Tuesday is pretty amazing…
  • And speaking of which, my bags are packed for a sunny few days down in Port Charlotte, Florida. Oh yes, the ocean is calling. Can’t wait. Here’s to beaches and salt water and sunny weather. (without the sunburn. I hope.)
  • Family vacations of any length or distance are always an epic, slightly stress-inducing adventure. At least, the planning and prep can be. I’d like to think that this is pretty normal for every family.
  • Today I re-discovered the library. You know, that magical place that lets you take books and music for free? We have a shiny new library in town, and I think I could have spent hours making a mental list of what I want to check out at some point… for now, I got some Anne Lamott and Regina Spektor to keep me company on the trip.
  • Remind me to write about my swing dance class sometime. Going on three weeks soon. In a few more, this “can’t-dance-without-arrows” gal should have sweet dancing skills. (In theory, at least. Maybe more like semi-okay-at-least-I-don’t-look-stupid dancing skills, but I’m on my way!) This also might explain my suddenly revived fondness for Frank Sinatra.
  • As if I didn’t have enough Internet in my life, I’m twittering now. Why? I don’t know. Morbid curiosity about why it’s so popular and something new to play with, I guess. (Basically, the same reason I joined MySpace and Facebook.) But hey, what better way to announce to whoever’s listening that there was a frog in the kitchen, right?
  • The mocha Java Chiller things at Sonic are amazing. Espresso + chocolate + ice cream… does it get any better?
  • I should be at Cornerstone Florida this weekend. But alas, no such thing this year. That makes me sad. RIP C-stone FL. You are missed.
  • And finally… today marks the one year anniversary of buying my first car. Happy Birthday Godspeed! <3

That’s quite enough steam-of-consciousness for one night, I’d say.