Last post, bullet point #3: “Family vacations of any length or distance are always an epic, slightly stress-inducing adventure.”

Well, the saga continues…

After the final details were checked, the bags packed, and the last small, possible-fire-causing kitchen appliance unplugged, the Roses set off on their family adventure. Finally! The open road ahead, the ocean beckoning, and ETA in a few short hours.

Somewhere in Wildwood, with I-75 in sight, two things happened. My iPod refused to start. And a nice metal-scraping-metal creaky sound begins erupting from somewhere underneath the car.

After a couple checks for visible damage (there was none) and the noises continuing to persist, we limped, crestfallen, back to town and the auto repair guy to check it out.

So, turns out there’s a small loose part underneath that’s making all the big noise, a minor repair, and we are back at home, waiting to hear the go-ahead from him. Best-case, he gets the part in, fixes the car, and we’re on our way around 5 or so. Worst-case, we head out early tomorrow morning, possibly taking Godspeed on her first road trip (which would be awesome, except her trunk is reeaaaalllly tiny for four people’s luggage.)

I’d be really frustrated if it weren’t so funny. I think we will all truly need a vacation from our vacation in the end.

But on a positive note… at least I fixed my iPod!