Kasugai gummy candy is probably the best thing to come from Japan since sushi, anime, and Human Tetris. I mean, gummy candy is great anyway, but the first time I had one of these delightful, squishy, fruity confections, it was love.

And then the store I bought them from went out of business. So sad. Picked up a few bags at the Japan store at Epcot last year (grape and orange… yum!), but really didn’t know where else to find them.

Then today… I walk into FYE and behold! Kasugai gummies! Yay!

Including a flavor I’d never seen before, not even at Epcot…

Muscat? What the heck is muscat?

So, I bought a bag because:
(1) I had no idea what muscat was. Looks like green grapes on the picture though, and I like green grapes.
(2) That little Engrish blurb on the package was too funny to pass up. “…taste and aroma so gentle and mellow offer admiring feelings of a graceful lady.” Awesome. (actually, all the flavors have pretty funny Engrish blurbs)

Well… they taste pretty much like sour green grapes. Only… weirder. And then I find out they are muscadine grapes, better known in my family as “those things your grandma used to grow.” Ah yes, I remember those now…

That’s what you get for living dangerously and not sticking with strawberry. Not bad… just a weird acquired taste.

Anyway, I whole-heartedly recommend you try Kasugai gummies if you like fruity, soft gummy candy. The texture and flavor are perfect… seriously amazing.

Just… not this flavor first. Unless you have fond childhood muscadine memories. :)