And so, another eventful (or maybe it should be event-full) weekend survived. Yes, worked a weekend of events… Lecrae show last night, and Central Florida Home & Garden Show tonight. Fun times.

But actually, I really just wanted to mention my favorite listener comments of the weekend. Because our listeners are awesome and funny… sometimes without realizing it. :)

Favorite Friday Comment

“Wow! Are you guys related? You look so alike!” (to me and Wolfman. I don’t think we look that much alike, but… maybe after years of working together, you start to look alike? Kinda like people and their dogs? Eh, maybe not… but we have a new inside joke now.)

Favorite Saturday Comment

Wolfman: “And this is Jen, who works with me at the Z…”
Listener: “Oh yeah, I’ve heard of Jen. She just had a baby, right?”
Me: “ummm…. no…”


And now, time to lose an hour of sleep. Assuming I can get to sleep. Drinking coffee at 10pm, especially bad coffee, is not a smart idea. (whee!)

Don’t forget to spring forward tonight, kids. Or um… this morning, actually.