So, I’m just a little bit proud of Fireflight. I mean sure, we all know Florida bands are awesome and will take over the music scene, but face it… it’s not everyday that a group from a little town called Eustis (that’s in Lake County for all you city folk :P) gets signed and picks up national attention including exposure in a network TV promo. And really, they are sweet people and make pretty darn good rock music.

So, the point: their new album drops on Tuesday, but they’ve got a preview of the whole thing online now. Just doing my part to plug my local people. :D It’s really quite good too. And the cover is pretty rad.


On a (much) less-local level… some hilarity from the Land of the Rising Sun… Human Tetris!

I admit… I laughed hysterically. Be amazed by the random and awesome weirdness of Japanese television!