(or: Random ranting on hybrids and haters, Fono lives(!), and a public service announcement)

People really are brought together by the things they hate. And they are usually pretty funny about it too.

All I wanted was to find a Facebook group for hybrid car drivers. You know, to share mutual appreciation for our cars and have a potential source of information if Godspeed starts acting weird. That sort of thing.

There were a few. Mostly of the “the planet is doomed buy a hybrid omg rite now!” variety. But I think I found more groups for people who hate hybrids… ranging from legitimate concerns (I honestly never considered that such a quiet engine might be a problem for pedestrians who don’t see it coming…) to basically “Hybrids suck! I <3 to burn oil! Real men get 5 mpg!!!"

Um, okay.

I’m not a psycho tree-hugging flower child. I like to think I’m a fairly normal tree-hugger that recycles plastic bottles and carries a reusable Target bag (when I remember). But really, my motive for driving a hybrid is, well, pretty self-serving. I have a long commute with lots of red lights, and I like to save gas because gas = money.

And besides… pathetic acceleration aside, my little Honda is long gone while your ginormous Hummer is still sitting under the red light. So there. :P

(wow, that was bitter. This annoys me way more than it should. Ranting done. :))


Anyway… for those who listened to Christian alternative back in the day (like… circa 2000. Is that considered “back in the day” yet?) Remember Fono? “Collide,” “Now She’s 24,” English guy, put out one album, dropped off the planet, lost a bunch of almost-finished second project stuff in a studio fire?

Well, they finally finished that album, and… they’re giving it away on their website. Yes, giving it away.

So, if you remember them and ever wondered what happened, or if you’ve never heard of them but just like some good ol’ straightforward rock/alternative, drop by fono.net and have a listen. All you do is put in your e-mail (and a few other friends’ e-mails if you choose, though fortunately that’s totally optional) and Too Broken to Break is yours.

I’ve only given it one listen so far, so it’s too soon for a verdict… but first impression is not bad. It’s worth checking out, and you got nothing to lose…


Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day, or better yet, as I heard it described today… Singles Awareness Day. :)

And so a friendly reminder… do something nice for your special someone and have fun, but don’t forget to be nice to your single friends! Remember, be aware, and share the love. Maybe hug a single person too and make them feel special. (But ask first. It’s less creepy that way. :D)

It’s all about love anyway, right? Of course.