It feels like I haven’t written or blogged anything in ages. Life — and especially December life — just seems to happen and get in the way.

So, here’s to vacations and downtime, and the realization that I have spent roughly one year and one week in this strange place called the real world. (That is, I’ve been full-time workin’ college grad for a year. Weird.) I still feel like I should be working on papers or trotting across campus every time the weather takes a turn for the cooler.

There’s not much more to say than that… other than life sometimes moves way too fast. So I’m appreciative of time without an agenda for a change. For one thing, I can work toward completing that “read 50 books in 2007” resolution I made this time last year (and dangerously close too… I started #45 tonight :)).

Someone asked me why I was taking a vacation if I didn’t have anything planned. I thought it was amusing that we even feel the need to schedule and fill days off so, when we end up all too often living to the beat of a ticking clock everyday anyway. (I have a theory that this is why so many people come back to normal life wishing they could take a vacation from their vacation, or joking that it’s good to be back at work where they can get some rest. But I’ve only been in the real world a year, so what do I know?!)

The best answer I could come up with was that sometimes those are the best kind. Time to unplug, to do the things that get brushed off in everyday life, and to just be is good for the soul, I’d say.

Oh look, I really rambled on for another post full of nothing profound. But that’s okay.

Christmas is in a week. I feel un-ready. Like many are, I’m sure.

Wishing you downtime and a chance to reflect and breathe in the week to come…