(note: this review appeared out of nowhere on 12.18.07, because apparently I wrote it and forgot to publish it. :P And rather than let some shameless EG plugging go to waste, I went ahead and tossed it up. A month or so later, every word is still true.)

It was a delight to finally have some new music by The Echoing Green in my CD player. Suffer rocks and will maybe tide me over until the new full album comes out.

Granted, it’s mostly a bunch of different remixes of “Suffer,” but they’re good remixes! “Flame” is a nice, minimalist track with great vocals. “Voices Carry,” though I didn’t think much of it at first, turned out to be a very addictive 80’s cover (and you know it’s not really EG without at least *one* 80’s cover). And “Dead Hearts,” just makes me smile and sing along. It just might be one of my new favorite songs in this world, scrapped demo or not.

Best of all, it’s cheap. Six bucks from A Different Drum’s website, or ten from iTunes (buying the real CD is a much better deal… for you and the band)

Listen to new EG.
Then go buy the CD.

Seriously. It’s enjoying an extended stay in my car CD player. My secret inner goth is happy-dancing. (If inner goths can happy-dance, anyway. Hmm, that sounds like an oxymoron.)