Anberlin at the House of Blues tonight was probably the best concert I’ve been to in a while. And it wasn’t even their tour, and they were the opening act with only 30 minutes to play. But it was a great 30 minutes. Imagine what they could do with a full set!

(No really. I am not being a fangirl. I speak truth. Great times.)

Also randomly met Jamie from To Write Love on Her Arms too, another good thing about tonight. Nice guy. Check out his writings and, if you don’t know what TWLOHA and those shirts are about, their website too.

A fun fun night. Kinda cool to go to a concert on Halloween and see so many fun costumes wandering about. I wish I hadn’t left my lame, homemade kitty hat in the car… heh.

But now October is coming to an end, and that means NaNoWriMo is upon us.

I’m scared. D:

I think I finally know roughly what my novel is about at least… going to finally get going with the so-called “epic” novel that’s been turning around in my mind for the past… oh… five years or so. Not much of a plot yet. Not sure if it’s a story in itself, or just part one of a trilogy or something. Not sure if I’ve got enough to go on for 50,000 words or if I will even have the ability to write anything worth reading or if I’m about to write the worst novel in the history of literature.

But that’s okay. I’m going to finally spend some time with the characters and let them tell me their story. And I’m going to work toward something I’ve been dreaming of doing since I was old enough to really appreciate the power of a good story. That’s the thing. That’s what counts.

It will be fun, and probably a little stressful. I will probably use this blog to vent a bit of that stress for the next 30 days. Consider this a fair warning.